• Bettina Kingma

Memories Fade.....Your Album Won't

As a child, I can remember sitting on the carpeted floor in our home with the stack of family photo albums that my mum had lovingly put together. They had a range of brightly coloured covers and inside they contained pages and pages of photos taken on our film camera and printed in the standard 4x6 size and then stuck onto the pages with a plastic film over them to protect them from fingerprints.

The photographs contained snapshots of moments in time of my childhood, me as a baby coming home, crawling, learning to walk and play in our garden. Celebrating Christmas and birthday photos eating sponge cake with lots of cream.

In between those were the photos of the every day moments which I found interesting, seeing myself playing in the garden with my cousins, patting our sheep, nude in the paddle pool, pulling silly faces at the camera after losing a tooth. Even at a young age it was intriguing to me to see how much I had grown and changed every time I looked at the albums.

Seeing my parents at a younger age at parties, our old house on the farm and the neighbours horse visiting us, my aunties and uncles with my cousins helped me to know them as we lived far away and only visited during holidays.

All of these photos of moments in time, of mine and my families lives were there readily available to view at any time I felt like it like picture books on the shelf filled with our histories.

Sadly this process of taking photos and then printing them isn't always the done thing nowadays, we take lots of photos of our loved ones and ourselves but mostly they remain up in the cloud, or on a cd stored in a box somewhere in the house 'safe' but rarely viewed.

If you are now sitting there nodding and agreeing with this then you would also agree that we need to change this habit and start printing photographs and albums again.

Yes technology is a wonderful thing, but can at times fail and platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are here now but will they stay forever? The way technology moves forward so rapidly every year, and a lot of new computers no longer have a disc drive for cd's.

A wedding album is forever but photos on a disc may one day be obsolete, even after spending the money on a professional photographer to capture the day if we don't make our beautiful album or print these special photos they can be lost and little moments forgotten no matter how good our memory is. Trying to recall little every day life moments is difficult occasionally for even the best of us, so it makes sense that the more we have printed the easier it is to remember moments and how we felt at that time.

Giving ourselves the ability to look back in time is priceless. Giving our kids this ability ..... letting them see their parents and grandparents on pages of an album doing things they're now doing or about to do gives hope, reassurance for their future endeavours as their life journey progresses.

Below is a sample of an fine art album created for some of my favourite couples Robyne & Donald, photos taken by me and the album was designed by the amazing Renee Blake from Renee Blake Design.