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'I'm a lover of stories, I love to hear peoples stories and visualise  pictures of what i'm hearing. The ordinary and extraordinary days of life that make us who we are.'

'I feel it's my privilege and calling as a photographer to capture the stories of the 'grand folks' in their homes and surroundings as they look back on their journey to this day.'   


I grew up in on the mid north coast of NSW,  as a kid I loved exploring my surroundings the light, textures, faces and how places made me feel. These days I live in Sydney with my three children who are constant inspirations to me.  In my free time I love listening to music,  travelling, reading, cooking (and eating) delicious food with family and friends and swimming in the sea together.


'I'm often drawn towards things or people that spark memories of my childhood and people often comment on the nostalgic feel of my work, I think thats pretty true and I like that people notice.'

Photography is my way of documenting  how I see the world, sometimes its a special moment visually or I feel like in some way theres a connection. At that point in time life speaks to me and I love to capture that.


Photographing people just being themselves is so interesting to me, the little things in everyday life we all do that we don't really think to much about are the things that make us so special and individual and these are the moments I love to photograph.


 The elderly people in our lives have so much to offer in life experience, character and understanding.  


The lines they wear on their skin are like badges of honour for the years they have been blessed to be alive.

 When I visit the elderly in their home I see a part of who they are in how they have made their house into a home.  Family photos, arts and crafts, colours and patterns on walls are some the things that over the years have contributed to bring a warmth into the home,  I observe and capture these elements as part of the life story I see.

A life lived well is what we all hope for, peoples stories deserve to be told and documented beautifully for future generations to cherish.  


If you love what you hear and want to find out more, then please go to my Contact page leave some details and I will respond within a few hours.

 ‘ the simple little things in life and people are the ones that leave lasting impressions in my heart’  (words by me.)

Bettina x


Diploma Digital Photography and Photo Imaging TAFE NSW - 2017


NB Photo Collective Exhibition, DiversARTY Gallery Cromer NSW, Australia   Oct 20 -Nov 03 2018

Four Elements Exhibition 'AIR', Creative Space Gallery Curl Curl NSW, Australia Nov 02-Nov 12, 2017

NSI TAFE Student Exhibition, TAFE Hornsby Gallery NSW, Australia Oct 10-Oct 16, 2017

Certain Nature Exhibition, Creative Space Gallery Curl Curl NSW, Australia Mar - Apr 2014


Capture Magazine, Australasia's Top Emerging Photographers 2020- Documentary Category 'Commended'

Capture Magazine, Australasia's Top Emerging Photographers 2019 - Documentary Category 'Commended'

Capture Magazine, Australasia's Top Emerging Photographers 2018 - Documentary Category 'Highly Commended'

Australian Professional Photography Award 2015 - Documentary/Photojournalism 'Silver with Distinction'

                                                                               2015 - Documentary/Photojournalism 'Silver'

                                                                               2015 - Documentary/Photojournalism 'Silver'


Kingma, Bettina writer & photographer -

'The Ballad of Charlie & Norma', Frankie Magazine, issue 58, Mar/Apr 2014

Askam, Beth writer & Kingma, Bettina photographer

A Space Reclaimed, Sanctuary Magazine, Issue 27, Winter 2014